LTL shipping

Do you want to order professional LTL freight shipping in Uzbekistan with maximum benefit? Do you require urgent delivery of groupage cargo? Would you like to order regular passing LTL cargo transportation in Tashkent? Our company will help you with solving these and other similar issues. For many years we have been specializing in providing various logistics services. During our activity, we have managed to create profitable, safe and comfortable conditions for serving clients. Reliability, safety, optimal product delivery prices by one freight transport in Tashkent are not all benefits of our company. Please, read the detailed description of service and its advantages.

LTL shipping: general information and peculiarities

The service offered on this page is intended for sending groupage cargo that does not take up the entire carrying capacity of the cargo vehicle.

LTL (Less Than Truckload) transportation is the ability to send goods from different senders and deliver them to different recipients. The main feature is the use of only one vehicle.

LTL operations provide efficient transportation of small volumes of cargo. They provide the opportunity to send cargo that does not require a full truck load, thereby minimizing costs and optimizing the use of transport resources. LTL ridesharing is especially important in environments where several addressers may use a single vehicle to send their cargo in the same direction. LTL transportation not only provides more economical options for shippers, but also optimal use of space in transport.

LTL delivery to various recipients in Tashkent and throughout Uzbekistan implies the efficient distribution of goods to different addresses. It is very important for companies and entrepreneurs sending small volumes of goods. Minimum truck loading when using LTL transportation in Uzbekistan helps reduce costs and increase flexibility in organizing logistics processes.

Where in Uzbekistan it is possible to order LTL shipments by specified transport

Our great experience in providing various logistics services and high professionalism of our employees allowed us to ensure optimal conditions for customer service. By contacting BTS, to order transportation of groupage cargo, customers in Tashkent and other cities discover such favorable conditions as:

  • Minimum prices for delivery services for groupage cargo in Uzbekistan. The LTL format allows customers to significantly reduce their costs compared to transporting goods by separate vehicles.
  • Round-the-clock support. Our call center services are available 24/7 (except holidays). Our consultants will help you to place your order, inform you about the cost of LTL transportation and answer other questions related to this service.

The benefit of our mission is a range of free services. The company provides, at its own expense, SMS notifications and sending details, as well as the ability to track the movement of vehicles with your cargo.

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